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Mattress Protector Zippered

The mattress protector is valuable for keeping you safe and your sleep comfortable, even during the the mattress protector is produced of durable materials to protect your sleep and is moreover 6-side water resistant, it Zippered mattress encasement protector box spring cover 6-side can be attached to the front or back of your bed to protect and comfortable sleep.

100% Bed Bug Proof

Kaycie Gray Basics High Quality

By Kaycie Gray


Twin Size Durable

BEDBUG + WATERPROOF Mattress Encasement

By HealthyCovers -Choice of 9" OR 16" ht Vinyl Covers


Soft Lux Fabric ~ Allergen Zippered Mattress Cover


By HealthyCovers Home Fashion


Twin Size Durable

Zippered Mattress Protector

Introducing a splendid hypoallergenic and waterproof bed protector encasement product! This Zippered mattress protector comes with a water resistant strip that helps keep your bed protected from water damage and pests, this protector also grants a small strip of material that can help keep track of size as you sleep, the protector is fabricated out of durable material and will help keep your bed searching new! This 8 inch mattress protector is manufactured of durable plastic and heavy-duty vinyl for a lodestar bed, it zips upholstery protectant for a water-resistant sleep experience. The protector imparts a water-resistant button-up top for a sleek look and a stay-at-home- option, this airy and pease new soft fabric zipper mattress protector is splendid for any bed cover story, it both the head and the body of the bed, and is likewise resistant to air allergies, this protection is important, since any air leak will allow in allergens that can cause asthma and other respiratory problems. This zip up waterproof mattress protector is fantastic for protecting your bed from the rain or water, it's also sensational for protecting your bed from your let's say bad day, this protector extends a full-tang protector design that helps to keep your bed clean and free of marks, plus, it's Zippered plastic mattress protector that can easily be removed for uncomplicated care.